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The Tabby Jack is a heddle rod block and warp tensioner designed to be usable with most rigid heddle looms. Currently tested and known to work with Ashford (Sampleit and knitters looms), and Schacht (Flip and Cricket Looms). Please inquire before buying to use on another loom type.

Here you will find instructions for using the Tabby Jack and/ or heddle rods to allow you to take your rigid heddle loom beyond plain weave patterns without the need to purchase expensive second heddle kits and additional rigid heddles.

The Tabby Jack is currently in Pre-Production, check back late Summer early Fall 2019 for purchasing.

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  1. Our FB group, Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving, has shown an interest in the Tabby Jack. Do you have any idea when it will be available and the price of the instrument? Thanks!

    1. I am very grateful for the level of interest in the Tabby Jack. I think it is going to be a game changer for may rigid heddle loom weavers. The beta version of the Tabby Jack was made out of a wood composite material, however, we ran into production issues where we were getting only 1 good Jack out of 3. So we have decided to switch materials to make the Tabby Jack out of hard wood.

      This has involved a near restart in production (we have to set up a woodworking studio and obtain a steady and consistent quality of wood.) Right now the hiccup seems to be in finding a good source of wood. I am not going to sell something I wouldn't want to buy myself (and I am a picky picky person).

      The hope is that the product will be ready to roll again in the Fall of 2019. As far as price, my hope is to have it set to be equal to the cost of a heddle. So around $40 plus shipping. This price will vary depending on the cost of materials. But my hope is to keep it in the 40 USD range.

  2. Will you be producing it for other makes of looms? PI own a Kromski Rigid Heddle loom and I, and I’m sure other Kromski owners would like to own it. Also, will you be shipping outside the USA?
    Thank you. Lorna

    1. I do not know if the Tabby Jack will work on Kromski looms as they have only been beta tested on Ashford and Schacht looms. However, I will be making a post/ video prior to the Tabby Jack going on sale that will show you how to measure your loom to see if the Tabby Jack will work on it. As far as shipping, yes! I will be shipping outside of the USA.

  3. Is there anyway to be apart of an email or pre order listing ? I plan on getting a 10 inch samplet loom and have a 24 inch beka loom both I would love to learn more then one way to do double weave on them among other patterns.


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