How to use the Tabby Jack as a warp tensioner

Step One:
Place the Tabby Jack beside your loom with the heddle placed in neutral. Align the Tabby Jack so that it is level with the top of the heddle.

Step Two:
Insert the dowels in the holes and place the washer on the other side.

Step Three
Secure the Tabby Jack with rubber bands

Step Four:
Direct warp your loom. Tie a bow several inches away from the peg.

Step Five
Take the warp off the peg and form a chain. Place this chain over the top of the heddle towards the warp beam.

Step Six:
Place the rods so that the warp goes over the heddle, under rod 1 and over rod two. Spread warp out evenly. Secure with a band on the Tabby Jack ears

Step Seven:
Wind on your warp. The heddle and rods will apply an even tension. When you get to where you tied a bow, stop. Remove the rods and Tabby Jack and continue to setup your loom as needed for weaving.

Video demo of how to use the Tabby Jack as a warp tensioner

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