A Long Time Coming: Tabby Jacks are now for sale!

I cannot believe I made this site a year ago. So much and so little has happened in the last year.

I first came up with the idea of the Tabby Jacks when I was pregnant with my second child. We can also blame that second child for the slow roll out of Tabby Jacks from idea to beta version to a version people can actually buy.

I am both nervous and excited to now say that we will be accepting orders for Tabby Jacks. Each Tabby Jack will be handmade in the USA and made to order. So, you'll place an order by email. We will reply to that email with an estimated time of completion and send you a bill when your Tabby Jacks are ready to ship. The hope is that turn around time from order placement to shipping will be no more than 14 days. If it is expected to be more than that, you will be told.

See the Purchasing page for more details!

In the meantime, the site is going through some growing pains. Please bear with me as I get everything sorted out and pictures updated.

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