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The Tabby Jack is a string heddle block and warp tensioner designed to work with rigid heddle looms. It has been tested and known to work with the following looms:

  • Ashford rigid heddle looms (Original and Knitters, on or off the stand)
  • Schacht rigid heddle looms (Cricket and Flip on or off the stand)
  • Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom (please note I have not tested it with the loom on a stand, just on a table. Based on pictures I have seen of a Harp on the stand I am fairly sure it will work but have not tested this.)
  • Beka rigid heddle looms (SG 20 and 24". Like the Harp above, I have not tested the beka looms when they are on a stand. It should work, but I cannot guarantee this.)
If your loom is not listed above, see our post about how to measure a loom to see if the Tabby Jack will work for you HERE.

The Tabby Jack is handmade in the USA from wood with history harvested from a 1960's dress shop. The hardwood your Tabby Jack will be made of is either Catalpa, Beech or Magnolia wood. Because of this, each piece is unique. Some will come with the front and/ or backside finished and some completely unfinished depending on the part of the shelving it was cut from.

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