Late Summer 2020 Update

 The Tabby Jack has been for sale for several months now and we have sold 15 sets!

I, myself, have done very little weaving this summer as my looms are upstairs and this summer has been hot!

Here is what we are working on currently:

- A Paypal Buy It button. (This may take a while as there are several hiccups to work out). But we are hoping to get this working so that the whole rigamarole of emailing me (Valerie) then waiting for an invoice from my husband (Hifitown- his business account) will be made simpler. 

- Recording, editing and posting more "How to" videos.

-Posting pictures of the Tabby Jack on various looms and generally updating the site to make the instructions easier to read/ follow. 

- Finding a work around so that the Tabby Jack will work with the Ashford Sample It looms. If you bought a Tabby Jack this summer you may have noticed that you were given 3 washers instead of 2. This is because we hope that third washer is the key to getting the Tabby Jack to work on the Sample It looms. I just have to do some testing (aka: weaving- and it is still hot upstairs!)

- Continuing to make Tabby Jacks. Each set takes my husband and I a combined time of about an hour to make and we are trying to find ways to speed up the process without sacrificing quality. 

That's about it for now.

Hobbies can be such a comfort in strange times. I hope weaving has been a comfort to you all. I know I cannot wait to get back upstairs and finish some kitchen towels :)


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